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Google penalties

Google SEO penalties: Each search engines are used by everyone these days. People across the globe search for specific keywords with search intent and search engines rank the websites as per their relevance, freshness of content, authoritative and informative post. SEO webmasters are often puzzled when their monthly traffic suddenly dips and the ranked pages suddenly disappear from search engineers. Since in search engine optimization we have lots of things to do we often experiment with new things that result in Google SEO penalization. Here are some things that we should do to avoid the Google SEO penalties in 2022.

Purchase backlinks

Some people have private blogging sites and they offer paid links on their private blogging networks also known as PBN. Google after updating their algorithm said that those websites that provide backlinks and the website that are linked on those PBN will be impacted. So if you are planning to increase the referencing domain of your site using paid backlinks it is time for you to be alert.

No follow comment posting on low-quality site

There are some webmasters who like to comment on Google Blogger sites with their ahref code to their link. This will not benefit them as no-follow is just a flag-off without any link juice passing to your website. So making billions of no-follow backlinks on keywords in low-quality sites would be an utter waste of time and can face Google SEO penalties.

Keyword stuffing

Sometimes in order to rank the keywords, we somehow adjust the keywords here and there in the content and try to fool the search engines. But search engines have become more and more sophisticated by the use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Using a free or bad hosting service provider

If you notice a new search console they are now sniffing your hoisting performance as well. They can now tell you exactly when your hosting had downtime. So it is advisable that if your bandwidth level is exceeding due to monthly traffic then it is time for you to upgrade your hosting service provider plan.

SSL is not enabled

Technically speaking if you do not have SSL enabled on your site then many of your visitors will get a potential threat message and they will escape from your website to be safe. This can increase your bounce rate to the extent that your overall ranking will get hampered. Also, SSL helps to make the site secure and it is supposed to be helpful in Voice search ranking.

SSL is an essential part of any website security as well considered as a ranking booster. Whether you have a single website or multiple websites, SSL is necessary. To turn HTTP into HTTPS, you need to buy an SSL certificate from a reputed certificate authority. A few well-known SSL products associated with their certificate authorities are RapidSSL certificate, GlobalSign SSL, Comodo Multi-Domain SSL, EV SSL from any authority. These SSL certificates are catered to different requirements of a website. So, just browse the internet and find a suitable SSL cert before Google penalizes you

Copying content from other sites

If we see the DMCA complaint we can see approximately thousands of complaints are done on the copyright issue. The main complaint is about copying sections or paragraphs from other sites. We shall avoid stealing content from other sites.

We hope this article has been really useful to you. Do share your feedback suggestion or inclusion of anything that I left on my list. I am sure if you follow the above-mentioned points your website will be safe from Google SEO penalties.