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Shopify subscription apps

Running an eCommerce business sounds appealing and convenient but also takes immense time to grow the store. So, if you are shifting left and right to grow that eCommerce store, signing up for the Shopify subscription apps could work (yup, we handled all the legwork). 

When you choose the best subscription app for Shopify, it shall generate more revenue for any seller or Shopify agency while ensuring a valuable experience for the customers since it helps with on-time delivery. Now, if you want to sign up for one, we are reviewing multiple in this article, so you can enjoy the best experience! 

Shopify Subscription Apps – Key Selection Criteria


One of the leading criteria for picking an app is ranking. There is nothing even more precise from the consumer testimonials that have actually used the application. We have actually collected all our consumer evaluations for the best Shopify subscription apps listed below. Obviously, no app is perfect, but all of these apps have a 4 celebrity or higher rating with greater than 100 client reviews. We advise these as the most effective as well as most preferred ones.


In addition to consumer reviews, we additionally price these applications based on the search page’s ranking. As a matter of fact, to obtain high rankings on the Shopify Apps store, the application must merge lots of various other factors, not only the high score but likewise the attributes, web content, and also instalment amount of the applications. As a result, this is likewise an element worth thinking about when we select the top 4 applications listed below.

Attribute & Price

You will probably have an interest in exactly how the application can aid your Shopify store. That is why we particularly carefully picked the applications with one of the most detailed and also powerful registration features. The most famous functions of the applications such as:

-Increase the variety of enrollments.
-Develop consumer trust.
-Effective customization.
Other advanced functions like e-mail and consumer notifications; develop A/ B examination campaigns; other automation and synchronization features; and so on.
Besides, you should consider your budget plan prior to choosing to use any kind of paid application. We have actually reviewed and also discovered the applications below have cost-free trials which the monthly cost is well worth the attribute it uses. So, depending upon the purpose of use, you need to select your on the internet store’s best application.

Company’s Reputation

Actually, this is also an important variable in addition to the above three factors. Lots of people typically do not care about the service provider when selecting applications. However, to lessen the dangers throughout usage, the distributor’s track record is additionally worth thinking about. Besides, you can know if the application’s consumer support solution is good thanks to finding out the supplier.

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What Are The Best Shopify Subscription Apps?

With each passing day, the Shopify app store keeps piling up with new apps, and it can be challenging to choose one. So, after analyzing the features, benefits, pricing, and ratings, we have added the best Shopify Subscription Apps that provide ultimate value to the eCommerce stores.


Ordergroove was one of the first subscription solutions to hit the market more than a decade ago, and they’ve made a name for themselves as the go-to subscription platform for fast-growing and established brands. Designed for companies that want to scale, Ordergroove offers battle-tested technology, a proven record with big-name brands, and a deep understanding of the subscription space. 

Top Features 

What sets Ordergroove apart is its robustness and flexibility. The platform makes it easy for brands to personalize their subscription experience to fit their customers’ needs.   

Unique promotions: Ordergroove makes it easy to offer incentives at every stage of a subscriber’s buying journey. You can show promotions on product pages, quick views, and at checkout to give shoppers every opportunity to enroll. Subscribers can also add an item to their order, either for one-time delivery or as a new subscription, all within their account page. The platform also offers “subscribe more, save more” promotions, a proven way to drive brand loyalty and grow customer lifetime value. 

Focus on convenience: The smallest amount of friction can cause customers to abandon their cart. Ordergroove mitigates friction by fully integrating with Shopify. When customers checkout, they aren’t taken offsite, which can harm conversion. On the merchant side, this means you only have to manage a single product catalog, saving time. 

Powerful analytics: The subscription platform offers a 360 ° view of performance. You can easily track retention KPIs, customer churn rate, product performance, enrollment growth, and more. Ordergroove also offers inventory insights, enabling improved forecasting.  

Prepaid subscriptions: In addition to pay-as-you-go subscriptions, aka monthly subscriptions, Ordergroove offers prepaid subscriptions. Prepaid subscriptions allow consumers to subscribe to your product for a longer term in exchange for a steeper discount. 


  • Flexible incentive framework that boosts enrollment, retention, and AOV
  • Seamless subscriber dashboard that extends customer lifetime value
  • Analytics that delivers a 360 view of performance
  • Credit card refresh and retries that maximize revenue capture
  • Flexible APIs that unlock innovative subscriber experiences
  • Best-in-class customer support and subscription expertise 


Ordergroove offers custom pricing that scales with your subscription program. That means you’re not stuck with a one-size-fits-all plan. As your business grows, your pricing plan adapts to fit your needs. 

Our Take

If you’re serious about scaling your Shopify store and want a subscription app that grows with you, Ordergroove is the way to go. With its robust features and seamless Shopify integration, it’s a game-changer.


1. PayWhirl

shopify subscription app


Used by hundreds of Shopify stores, this is one of the best Shopify subscription apps you can find for streamlining the payment system and subscriptions. It can be integrated with the Shopify store that supports more than one hundred payment gateways.

In addition to Shopify, it is also integrated with other order management platforms. That being said, it will be easy to handle the subscription business since you can sell and manage multiple subscriptions at once. 

The best thing about PayWhirl Subscription Payments is that it allows the customers to manage and purchase their own subscriptions through the online store. To illustrate, the customers can sign in to their accounts and make changes to the subscriptions.

It has a customizable app design, so you can align the theme with your Shopify store, creating a uniform appearance. Not to forget, the infrastructure database is cloud-based and scalable. 


Top Features 

To begin with, it has a custom subscription feature that allows the customers to create and manage their subscriptions without any technical details.

In addition, PayWhirl Subscription Payments has the build-a-box feature, which saves time while providing efficient subscription management. 

Secondly, it supports multiple payment options to ensure a wide range of customers is catered to. For instance, it supports PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. What we love about PayWhirl Shopify subscription app is that you can call their customer service and get more details about supported payment systems. 

Thirdly, it allows the customers to use the saved cards. This is a promising feature for people who place recurring orders.

In addition, it automatically creates the invoices for the orders. Not to forget, it can manage the invoices and subscription of pre-orders as well.  


  • Convenient subscription development/creation and management 
  • Helps secure the customer information and payment details 
  • Automates the recurring payments
  • Ensures quick payment checks 
  • Customers can delete, update, and add the information through their account 
  • Integrates with carts, reports, checkouts, analytics, product pages, and other themes 


It comes with a free trial for 14 days, along with four plans. The first plan is the starter one which is free to install and has a 3% transaction fee. The pro plan costs $9 for a month with a 2% transaction fee; the plus plan costs $49 for a month with a 1% transaction fee. Lastly, the ultimate plan will cost $249 for a month, and a 0.5% transaction fee is something that will interest a lot of store owners.  

Our Take 

Honestly, this app is a promising choice for customers and businesses alike since it has convenient features available. It helps with easy and quick subscription management for businesses while customers can easily track the subscriptions and make swift payments with the payment gateways while updating personal information.

2. Bold Subscriptions


best subscription app for shopify


No customer wants to work with complicated payment systems, and your business needs to understand this. For this reason, you can depend on Bold Subscriptions to streamline the payment options and ensure a satisfactory checkout experience.

Bold Subscription has won hundreds and thousands of users given these effective features, such as a fast checkout page and the freedom customers get to choose their desired payment gateway. In addition, the customers can make accounts and manage the purchase history and information. 

Top Features 

First of all, Bold Subscriptions has amazing checkout features, including bold casher and multi-currency billing. With multi-currency billing, it supports over 150 currencies.

In addition to these multiple currencies, it also supports 54 languages without an additional conversion fee for different credit cards. 

The second feature is the conversion. There is an extensive range of tools available that will empower you to increase revenue with machine learning and upselling.

This is because it shows automatic suggestions, and the built-in analytics will help determine critical data. Also, the sales management in Bold Subscriptions helps make store-wide sales during special occasions. 

The third and most important feature is customization, and it’s a great feature since modern customers are all up for self-service options and personalized deals.

The customers can create customized subscriptions and edit them. Not to forget, the global option set is suitable for bulk orders.   


  • Supports complicated as well as simple subscriptions 
  • Top-notch customer experience with custom features 
  • Customized subscriptions 
  • Flexible store customization 
  • Multiple currencies and languages are supported 
  • Automated notifications


When it comes down to Bold Subscriptions, it offers a free trial for 60 days, and after that, you can choose from two paid plans. First of all, there is a core plan that costs $49.99 a month. Secondly, the premium plan’s cost can only be checked by calling customer support but offers advanced customization features. 

Our Take 

The Shopify store owners looking for a simpler Shopify subscription app with promising features can opt for this one without a second thought. With two payment plans available, you can simply choose one that best suits your needs and customize the subscription. All in all, we are their fan of the flexible features and automated notifications. 

3. Rebuy

shopify recurring payments app


Rebuy is a well-known platform, mainly for the personalization engine that supports repetitive purchases, cross-selling, and upselling. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rebuy has become a leading choice. Rebuy has a widget feature that induces well-targeted and timed actions from the user base, such as checkouts and adding to cart. The widgets can be added to the home page, shopping cart, product page, recharge checkout, and Shopify checkout. 

It also has a reorder campaign option that can be executed to enhance repetitive orders and for retaining customers. To illustrate, it can help increase the returns on investment. The best thing about Rebuy is the discounting and rules section that allows the Shopify store owners to add gifts with purchase or offer an automated discount based on the shopping bill (if customers purchase something over $xxx, they can get free shipping or other discounts).  

Top Features

To begin with, Rebuy offers intelligent personalization to the users. Among all Shopify Subscription Apps, Rebuy has an integration of AI, the store’s functions will be optimized, resulting in higher conversions. In addition, it will improve the average order value and store engagement. Not to forget, it can help you create new features and campaigns on the Shopify store that creates a personalized shopping experience for the customers.

Secondly, it supports cross-selling and upselling. To illustrate, when the Shopify store is integrated with Rebuy, it will recommend promising and relevant products to the customers, increasing their chances of adding more products to the cart. In addition, you can always set up customized recommendations for different customer groups. Also, these upsell and cross-selling features are designed according to the brand/store, so everything looks uniform and personalized. 

Thirdly, Rebuy can lead to repetitive sales since it uses top-notch retention tools. In addition to these tools, there are automated reordering flows, including checkout upsells and prefilled checkout, which motivates the customers to buy more and keep coming back for more products. 

Another feature of Rebuy is that it’s a fully customizable platform. For instance, the users can change the promotional details according to the business strategies or change customer behavior. In addition, plug-and-play is available with pre-built recommendations. That being said, you won’t have to hire any development agency since no technical expertise or coding knowledge is important. 

Rebuy also provides conversion tracking features. To illustrate, the users can check out the real-time reports to check out how Rebuy is improving your store’s performance. Besides, you can also outline the well-performing widgets since there is a sales attribution feature available. 


  • Effective yet immediate results 
  • AI and ML features ensure automated data analysis and predict customer’s purchasing patterns to increase sales 
  • One-click subscription emails result in repetitive sales 
  • Allows sharing the marketing links on social media platforms and email 
  • Fastens up the checkout process with improved UX design 


Rebuy comes with three plans to meet the different needs of the Shopify stores. First of all, the starter plan is available for free and supports over fifty orders in a month, and provides merchandising features, retention features, offsite store engagement, product recommendations, AI engine, and personalization. Secondly, there is a professional plan that costs $4.49 for a month and charges a $0.09 transaction fee for every order. Lastly, the enterprise plan costs $949 for a month and is suitable for a large-scale Shopify store. 

Our Take 

To summarize, Rebuy seems like a reliable option, especially when you are struggling to retain customers and get more sales. The availability of retention tools will enhance the repetitive customer count, and the monthly plans are pretty reasonable as well. So, it’s got a thumbs-up from us! 


5. Appstle Subscriptions

Shopify subscription apps

Appstle Subscriptions iIS A THOROUGH SHOPIFY REGISTRATIONS APP that enables you to use product or services to your clients, on a persisting basis. As well as this means persisting earnings to you! Appstle Subscriptions offers both CONVENTIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS along with BUILD-A-BOX!

Top Features

-Self-managed subscription
Offer your consumers, the alternatives to pause or skip shipments, recharge or reconfigure memberships (swap/add/delete items), include products one-time, as well as readjust all shipment days
-Blended cart check out
Decrease checkout redirections and rubbings, by making it possible for unified/mixed carts.
-Smooth Shopify check out link
Experience easy and also secure checkout by incorporating with Shopify checkout
Car billing for subscription items – normal recharge and also pre-paid/bulk billing
Automatically costs your clients in a hassle-free way, utilizing saved client repayment approaches saved in Shopify.
-Customized e-mail notices
Send your buyers personalized as well as automated e-mails, to keep them engaged
-Custom shipping
Create and also manage several shipping profiles for membership plans, based on vital variables (order worth, weight, …).
-Supply projecting.
Always remain on top of supply requires for upcoming orders with our thorough tracker.
Dunning administration to decrease churn.
Regain fell short transactions as a result of expired/declined cards, with in-built mechanisms, to immediately notify clients and also retry settlements.
Termination administration to recognize your consumers’ pulse.
Instantly set off questionnaires when a membership is canceled, to comprehend your clients’ inspirations.
-Real-time item performance tracker.
Accessibility detailed records of your customers, income, and also registrations, as well as track your item efficiency in real-time.
-Custom-made CSS and subscription widget choice.
Gain access to extremely adjustable CSS and also subscription widget performances from the Control panel.


Appstle Subscriptions is available with free plan, and has three paid plans. The Starter plan costs $10 for a month, the Business plan costs $30 for a month and the Entreprise plan costs $150 for a month.  

More information about the Appstle  Subscriptions plans here.

Our Take 

Appstle ℠ Subscriptions is an extensive persisting orders & settlements soln. that enables you to use products/services to your clients, on a reoccuring basis. Started by an Apple-Siri engineer, Appstle ℠ makes use of cutting edge innovation, to supply compelling functions at engaging prices. 

4. Recharge


shopify subscription app


ReCharge Subscriptions is one of the most used apps available on Shopify given the wide range of features and its ability to offer multiple subscription plans to meet your needs. As an entrepreneur, you would know that customers are always looking for flexible payment systems and look for transparency when they are paying for something – in such cases, ReCharge Shopify subscription app will help. This is because it offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, ACH, credit cards, and debit cards. 

Due to multiple payment methods, this app is more popular than other Shopify Subscription Apps.

All these payment methods are added to the payment tab, so your customers will remain happy. With the purchase history accounts and order management, the customers will be able to check the order status. On top of everything, it will help handle multiple customers and subscriptions at one time. It allows the users to send notifications to their customers whenever they need to provide the information. Not to forget, it integrated with various third-party apps to expand the eCommerce store’s functionality.  

Top Features

To begin with, it has a customer portal available which allows the customers to control the subscriptions for enhancing the average order value of the store. The users can add the one-time purchases into repetitive orders and allow product swapping. Moreover, it allows the users to edit the payment information and address for recurring billing as well as the delivery frequency of the product. 

Secondly, the merchant portal is an ultimate feature that will help create loyal customer relationships by managing customer information. For instance, the eCommerce store owners can create a special subscription for a user and manage the subscriptions. Moreover, it helps create discounts for some subscriptions or simply pause/cancel one’s subscription. 

Thirdly, ReCharge Subscriptions offer an event history feature. With this feature, the store owners can identify the trends and why some customers are changing subscriptions. It will help improve the business strategy to provide the best experience to customers and grow the business. 

One promising feature of ReCharge Subscriptions is the frictionless payment. With this payment feature, the recurring payments will be streamlined. In addition, it can be integrated with checkout, so customers don’t need to work on a separate page for checkout.  


  • Easy subscriptions development 
  • Allows customers to track the orders 
  • Automated customer data collection 
  • Reduction in churn rate 
  • Stores the payment information 
  • Order management and API system 
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Allows third-party integrations 


ReCharge Subscriptions is available with a 60-days free trial and has two paid plans. The standard plan costs $60 for a month and offers merchant tools, order management, and payment features. Secondly, the pro plan costs $300 for a month and includes a client portal, advanced analytics, and other features mentioned in the stand plan.  

Our Take 

Designed with the API and order management, it provides ultimate freedom to the customers while freeing up some time for the business owners. As a business owner, you will reap benefits through a reduction in churn rate and automated data collection. Not to forget, the pricing plan is economical and provides value. 

Wrapping It Up 

With numerous Shopify subscription apps available made by several Shopify Website Developers , it’s needless to say that your eCommerce store will have various options to scale the business appearance. The four apps mentioned in this article are the cream of the crowded Shopify recurring payments app market which any Shopify seller or Shopify agency can use, so which one of these Shopify Subscription Apps are you going to use for your Shopify store?

Author: Wail Amrani

Wail is a Shopify Expert & eCommerce Growth Consultant. Former digital marketing manager at Shopify I’m helping brands & retailers build 8-figure eCommerce. I’ve been leading digital growth for both online and retail brands for over 7 years.