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It’s a dark and scary world that we live in. It seems like every day another brand has been ousted from the public domain for letting their marketing slip. People are running for the hills to avoid getting any contact with these brands because they feel betrayed by this company’s lack of integrity and respect towards them as potential customers. So, how do you as a marketer ensure that your brand does not go down this path? Read on to find out!

Below listed are 5 mistakes that may lead to marketing failing your brand:

1) Ignoring your social media – Social media is where people spend most of their time nowadays. They live there, they work there, they date there and they do most of their shopping there. But, as more and more time gets invested in these channels, brands are still not getting it right.

2) Not using the right metrics – Metrics are important. If you don’t measure your success properly you won’t know what is working and what isn’t. You don’t know how to optimize your campaigns or if you are even on the right track.

3) Ignoring their customers – As a marketer, it is easy to get carried away with the next big thing or all of that new knowledge coming in from various Google Adwords courses that you have done. But, you need to remember that it’s not all about you, it’s about the customer.

4) Thinking ‘big data’ means more data – Big data is great, but if you are using it to draw conclusions from statistics and then applying those conclusions everywhere without getting any real face-to-face contact with your customers or understanding what they actually want then this is just not going to work for you. You may be able to optimize certain things but over time people will see through your marketing BS and this will affect their perception of the brand.

5) Lying to the customer – This is what the customers are absolutely fed up with now – lying to them and not being upfront. If you are a company that is honest and open, they will want to be a part of your brand because they know that you respect them as human beings. If people feel like they have been misled or lied to, this will make them want nothing more than to distance themselves from the brand in order to protect their own identity.


If you want to ensure that your brand does not get caught up in this list then you need to ensure that you are not making these major mistakes and if you are then try to reverse this as soon as possible. If your brand is already on this list, take steps to get off it by taking a good look at what you are doing and figuring out what needs to be done in order to fix the situation. Brands need marketing plans that they stick to because they do not want others to judge them on their past actions.