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Buy backlinks for your business: As competition grows among businesses, it is vital to get ahead of the game and buy high Authority Backlinks!

buy backlinks

No Sponsored Tag

None of our guest post articles have ‘Sponsored Tag’

With Do-Follow Link

We offer do-follow backlink with our guest post article which is important for SEO


The backlinks are permanent

Improve SEO

Backlinks from website having a good domain rate will improve tour website SEO


The content must be 100% original and not published elsewhere. We’ll check this.

Can’t be self-promotional, the main purpose is to educate and inform. Moreover, you can link to relevant products and sources.

This Can include the writer’s profile with a headshot and a link to the company.

Must provide URLs.

Must Be written in English that requires little or no editing for grammar. We’ll revise for readability.


Not reply to your entry: This is a strong site and we get plenty of inquiries. Copy-paste, spammy messages are Trashed immediately.

All articles submitted (after approval) will become the property of Atamgo. You must not use them elsewhere.


If you need to submit your article, please use the form below or send us an email at We’ll use the information provided to evaluate your writing style, and content If your work passes our initial review, we will be in touch via email in 2 to 3 days.


Brand Promotion:

You will get free traffic and link juice to your website

Social Media Sharing:

We will share your article on our social media sites like Facebook, and LinkedIn etc.


Two Dofollow links per post


Excessive Promo

If you’re interested in buying backlink, always bear in mind that guest publishing serves as a way to showcase your expertise and competence in the field to our readers. It is not intended as a platform for excessive promotion of services, deals, or companies. Please be aware that our readers seek successful stories, tips, and advice on launching and managing a thriving startup.

Already published Web content

We refrain from publishing articles that have been previously featured on our website, even if modifications have been made. We exclusively accept content that is unique and original.

Copied Content

We do not entertain duplicated or plagiarized content on our website. Such actions constitute a serious violation of our policy and may result in the permanent deactivation and banning of your account.

Deceptive details

You ought to not include any fake information or information in your content. You should give proper citations, credit reports, as well as estimate the source of information on the short article. Always try to utilize trusted details from reliable websites or sources and also offer credit rating accordingly.

Use of Pics/images

Please refrain from including any images or photos in your content before submission. Due to copyright concerns, we do not permit such inclusions. If images are necessary, we will handle their addition from our end.

Private Profiles

We do not accept Private profiles of any type of start-up creator unless or up until they are well acknowledged as well as is a popular household name.


This website warmly welcomes valuable contributions on how writers, regardless of their background, can enhance their skills and knowledge. We invite insights from individuals of all shades, ethnicities, political perspectives, and countries of residence or origin. If you have valuable information for freelance writers, please feel free to send your pitch to

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