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If you are going to start a hosting business, you may be wondering, how to create a service that an average internet user will want to use. Besides such aspects as marketing and advertising, which will help you find new customers, and the quality of the main service you offer, there is much more to the service that can help you leave your customers satisfied. That is, there are a lot of practices that not only provide your customers with the particular object they pay for, – like say unmanaged VPS in Sweden or UK managed dedicated server – but also make their experience of working with you comfortable as a whole.

In the following article, we’ll have a look at some of the practices that can help you in your undertaking so both you and your customers in the end are satisfied.

Practices for obtaining the best customer satisfaction in the area of web hosting

24/7 Support

The main general requirement of people opting for hosting is that their solution works and works well. Unfortunately, it’s hard to create a hosting solution that won’t have any eventual troubles that will in the end interfere with the performance of the server. The reason for that is that each server has its individual filling, operating system, and software, so during the interactions of this ensemble technical issues sooner or later arise. The server user will want to restore the performance of their website as soon as possible, and here technical support comes into play. If you want your customer to be satisfied, the best thing you can do is to take care that your technical support services are available all day long and all year long.

Technical expertise

Not all customers are technically savvy enough, or have a professional technician in their teams. Therefore, when something doesn’t work as it should, they may have no clue as to how to solve the problem and will need your help. Therefore, you should not only have people that know everything about the services you offer, but also technical experts specializing in hosting solutions in your support team.

Clear communication

Clear communication is the basis of your customers’ comfortable communication with you. Therefore, you should make sure that your support employees are capable of communicating the necessary messages in clear and concise form, so even if your customers don’t need to know exactly, how the problem is fixed, they do have some idea about it.

Clear interface

The interface of the website is also an essential part of the communication with customers. The website has not only to impress the customer but also to immediately deliver the information they are looking for. First of all, these are particular hosting solutions, then they might look for certain more specific ready-made configurations. Think of the hierarchy of your offers and organize the elements of the website’s elements according to this scheme.

Personalized service

People appreciated when their personality is recognized. By showing the clients that you remember and perceive them as persons, you can increase their trust in you and leave them satisfied each time they contact you. This may include addressing them by name, listening attentively to their requests, and trying to offer them a solution that exactly meets their needs.


Transparency is the main component of fair service. If you want long-term relationships with your clients and want them to trust you, you should state clearly all they need to know. This includes providing clear descriptions of your offers, and your pricing policy, and informing your clients about refunds, your backup policy, and other terms of service. You should make sure that no costs remain or seem hidden and all the most necessary conditions of cooperation are clearly stated, and in this case, you’ll be able to really earn the confidence of your customers.

Feedback mechanisms

Regardless of the effort you put into reaching the full satisfaction of your customers, there will be always some spots where you have space for development. It’s therefore important to regularly gather feedback, improving your service and, in turn, giving your feedback to your customers by showing them that their feedback matters.

The variety of feedback mechanisms includes surveys, feedback forms, and regular check-ins with clients. When it comes to informing your customers, you can either inform them in the form of news in your blog or create an email newsletter with an option to subscribe or post on your social networks.

With this, your customers will have a sensation that they can communicate their needs and be heard.


In any kind of service, not only the service itself is crucial, but also the communication that unfolds around it. For this reason, it’s essential to come up with different practices that can improve the experience of your customers, so they remain satisfied each time they contact you. In this article, we’ve given you some practices that might be very helpful for you in your journey. We wish you success in establishing a trusting relationship with your customers and thank you for reading!