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counterfeit detection

Counterfeiters cost the global economy a lot of money. These losses harm not just the makers of legitimate things, but also the general public. Consumers are the ultimate victims of unfair competition. They are given low-quality things at an exorbitant price. So, counterfeit detection is very important.

The English term “counterfeiting” technically only relates to particular forms of trademark infringement. In practice, however, the phrase is permitted to embrace any manufacture of a product that so closely resembles the look of another’s product as to deceive a buyer into believing it is the product of another.

As a result, it may also encompass the unauthorized manufacture and distribution of a product covered by other intellectual property rights, such as copyright and neighboring rights.

Certain industries that are heavily impacted by counterfeiting have created trade organizations dedicated to combating the problem.

Internationally, the most active organizations are from the US copyright sector, such as the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), and the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

These organizations provide regular statistics on the effect of piracy, counterfeit detection, and counterfeiting in their business, advocate for proper legislation and enforcement, organize public education programs, and aid their members in conducting counterfeit product investigations.

Let’s see some counterfeit monitoring tools and methods.

RFID Anti-Counterfeiting for Retailing Systems

This strategy suggests an RFID approach to finding counterfeit products and assuring product authenticity. This RFID system includes two protocols: tag authentication protocol and database correction protocol.

The tag authentication protocol is used to authenticate tags without disclosing sensitive information, and it allows the client to query the tag independently. RFID tag data is used to prevent the proliferation of counterfeit items.

In the interim, the database repair mechanism assures that the tax status is correct. Finally, the counterfeit system is extremely resistant to forgery, and the tag authentication protocol is enough for use in RFID-based applications.

The author has emphasized on RFID tag technology is only applicable to pricey items and not suited for inexpensive products.

Watermarking Algorithm for QR Code Images

This approach employs novel counterfeiting software, as well as a more robust digital DWT and SVT-based watermarking algorithm. Take a QR code; the carrier pictures created by the copyright owner’s relevant information, and then insert the copyright owner’s information as a watermark into the QR code.

Then, using watermark counterfeit detection and two-dimensional bar code scanning technologies, extract the watermark information from the QR code.

The goal of the counterfeiting technique is to validate its validity by examining the information’s watermark and scanning it. This approach can withstand compression, rotational, and noise attacks, among others.

  • Counterfeit product Detection of fraudulent offers on online shopping platforms

The concept suggests using a semiautomatic workflow to discover potentially fraudulent offers on online platforms and presenting these offers to a domain expert for human verification.

The work method includes steps to make a search in online shopping for counterfeit products that are less expensive and have more offers, as well as actions to evaluate the counterfeit suspiciousness based on numerous criteria.

The goal is to screen counterfeit items at normal intervals that are also served to a limited degree of manual labor. The authors described how the suggested strategy may be implemented and provided a preliminary evaluation of its most significant phases in a case study utilizing an online platform.


So, by now you must have understood why counterfeit detection is important. Additionally, this blog also discusses the methods of counterfeit detection in detail.