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The logo of a company is a very important detail for the company’s image and identity. The logo of a company stands for its brand and becomes the most recognizable sign for the audience. Since the logo is such an important part of the brand, it has to be updated as the brand evolves. Many successful companies rebrand every decade or so, and the change of the logo is an important aspect of this rebranding. Sometimes, if the brand fails to rebrand effectively, it becomes stagnant and does not engage the audience well. The brand has to know when it is time to rebrand and when it is time to change the logo. Just like fresh paint put on our houses, a brand needs a fresh perspective and presentation, for which updating the logo is vital. 

How to find out when it is time to change the logo? 

Usually, well-established brands go through the cycle of rebranding every 7 to 10 years. This includes the redesigning of the logo and the creation of new websites and other portals of customer interaction. Changing the logo needs evaluation of many aspects of the logo and the time since it was first designed. Redesigning the logo can be easy these days with the help of branding agencies and consultants who can do the analysis on behalf of your company. With the help of a good branding agency, there are curated options if you need a logo for your business in the rebranding process. A thorough analysis of the logo will reveal if it is time to change the logo design or not. The logo design should ideally change every 5 to 7 years. If your company has not yet changed its logo, here are ways to know its time. 

The logo is old 

The logo design is an important part of the brand design. If the logo is old, the brand design is old, and the brand itself loses its freshness and relevance. 42 percent of consumers feel that the logo conveys the brand personality of a company. Therefore, if the logo is too old, then the brand itself becomes senile and does not attract new customers. An old logo is no more appealing to the audience. Think about it, like the population of a country, the demographic markeof the company’s audience also changes. With the demographic change and the influx of new customers, the logo design needs to be revamped. Even average customers will be able to spot the outdated nature of a logo, and this will have a negative impact on the brand image of the company. With every decade, logo design rules change, and visual elements also change. In line with the new design rules and trends, the company should change its logo. A thorough logo analysis from a good design team or a branding consultant can determine if the logo is too old and needs a makeover. 

Too complex a logo 

The logo can be too complex sometimes, and that defeats the purpose of a logo. The most common cause of change for a logo design is usually age, but it can also be the complexity of the design. At first, the logo might look good, but if the audience is not responding well to the logo and is confused about it, it’s time for a change. Legacy companies that were established well before the age of digitization often have complex logos because they were drawn by humans. However, the digital era needs a design that is simple but eye catchy. Moreover, 50 percent of small businesses design their own logo to save money on a design team or design outsourcing. However, if businesses do not have a creative department, they might create logos that are complex and ineffective. Therefore, the help of a logo design company or a digital marketing agency is required to create a more simple but effective logo. 

The company is evolving 

Every company that has existed for a long time in its sector evolves further and grows. The brand identity and logo should also evolve with the company. As the company evolves, its business objectives also evolve, and this should be reflected in the logo design. When the company started, the old logo must have stood for the company’s vision and objectives. However, as the company evolves and its impact on society evolves, it is important to create a logo that stands for this newfound identity. Companies that have existed for decades and even a century should redesign their logo and packaging not only because of modernity but to reflect the journey the company has completed to reach its present milestone. The logo redesign can show the new direction of the company while preserving its essence. 

The company is growing 

Every company has an objective for growth. The beginning of a company is reflected by the zeal to get opportunities. After years of successful operations, the growth of the company should show up in the logo. The logo should be a celebration of the growth the company has seen. The rebranding and redesigning of the logo keep the company new despite its years in the market. When redesigning the logo, the design team should focus on the most important milestones of the company.  Moreover, including the future vision and roadmap subtly in the logo design is also a great move. 


Logo redesign is a tricky subject because if it is done too often, it affects the brand identity and relevance of the company. If the logo is redesigned too often, the audience is not able to connect with the logo, and there is no lasting impression of the company created. The frequent redesigning of a logo defeats the entire purpose of a logo. However, if the logo becomes too old and does not go through a redesign, the identity itself becomes stale, and there is no progress in brand equity. Therefore, logo analysis and redesign every five years or decades should be done for every established company. A logo design company or a branding agency can help established companies with the process.