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Real Estate License Florida Cost

Whether you are a fresh graduate, or a professional looking to switch careers or make money from a side gig, considering a career in real estate in Florida could be one of the best decisions you ever make. The state has one of the fastest-growing property markets in the country. This booming market means you can enjoy so many opportunities here as a licensed realtor.

But first things first, you need to get your real estate license to practice as a legally recognized salesperson. Thus, you need to understand the cost of a real estate license in Florida as you embark on the journey to obtain your license and build a thriving career.

In this article, we try to break down the various components of the real estate license cost in Florida to help you get a better picture of how much you need to invest to be in your dream career.

Costs for your pre-licensing education

All aspiring real estate salespersons must enroll in an accredited pre-licensing real estate course that covers the state-required 63 hours of education. The course prepares you to sit and pass the licensing exam and equips aspiring realtors with the skills needed to start them off in their careers.

So, you may be wondering, “How much is real estate school in Florida?” Well, the cost of the pre-licensing course ranges between $200 and $500, but it can even go as high as $1000. The cost depends on the school you choose, whether you will take the classes in-person or online, and if you take them online, the package you choose.

You may also have to incur costs for additional study materials and revision tools, which some schools offer at an extra cost. If you’re considering taking your real estate course online, you don’t have to struggle looking for a reputable and accredited school because RealEstateU is the online real estate to join.

Examination fees

After completing your real estate course, the next hurdle is to pass the state licensing exam. You need to understand how much the real estate exam in Florida is so you can plan and budget accordingly. You need to pay a fee of $36.75 per attempt for the exam, which is administered by Pearson Vue. Thus, you need to work hard to pass on your first attempt or else you incur this Florida real estate exam cost with every attempt.

Fees for background checks and fingerprinting

To become a licensed real estate agent in FL, you must undergo a background check, and fingerprinting is a compulsory part of this process as it gives information on your legal history. The fees for the checks are an important part of the cost of a real estate license in Florida. The process can cost you somewhere between $50 and $80.

License application costs

Once you pass your exam, you’re good to apply for your license, and this involves more fees that also make up the cost of a real estate license in Florida.  You have to pay $83.75 for the license application which covers the license processing and issuance. This is a one-time fee, but you have to renew your license after two years, at an additional cost.


In a nutshell, the cost of a real estate license in Florida comprises costs for the pre-licensing course, exam fees, background and fingerprinting fees, and license application fees. In addition, you will incur other costs here and there, for example, to join a brokerage which is necessary to practice as an agent. You may also spend some money on marketing materials, professional attire, and your means of transport as you study, and when you join a brokerage.