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Shopify Themes

Launching an online business can be both personally and financially pleasing. However, it takes a lot of work and time, but people from all over the world successfully build online stores whether they are starting from scratch or have an existing physical store. While some decide to construct an online store on their own, others save time, money, and nerves by using online tools and platforms that make it easy for anyone.  

Shopify is one of these amazing platforms that every store owner needs to know about. This eCommerce platform has all the tools for you to start, grow, and manage any type and size of business. Moreover, not only can you design an online store on your own with ease, you can purchase a premade theme, where all you have to do is fill out some details about your store. 

Marketplace like MasterBundles has built a variety of themes and plugins to create a beautiful, SEO-friendly, secure, and fast online store. Let’s get a little more detail about how to choose the right theme for your online store, a few pro tips, some insights on what it takes to be successful, and a great place for you to shop for a professional theme. 

How to pick the correct Shopify theme for your online store

Why do we believe that a Shopify theme will help you launch a successful business? In part its due to its affordability, ease of use, scalability, and security. Nevertheless, we can’t guarantee you these advantages if you don’t choose the right theme for you. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect theme:

Decide on a budget

Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you will get a worse theme, it will probably have fewer features, but this is all very corresponding. A smaller shop might have a cheaper template, but that template is more than enough for the number of transactions and customers of that specific shop. Whereas a larger business needs to spend more on a template because they need higher qualified features that will withhold and work with a bigger amount of customers. 

List what features are important for you

Don’t settle on an average theme, find the perfect one for you, one that has all the features and functionality that you will need. You might need to search and search, but you will find one that has most of the features you’re looking for. You can check out different sections of a marketplace, for example, the best selling Shopify themes where you can find people’s favorites and a new favorite for you. 

Consider your niche

Most themes are designed for a specific industry type or an overall business route. You can’t use a theme designed for an electronics store as a template for your art store, simply because it won’t handle that many categories, not even talk about the fact that it won’t fit the vibes of an art shop. As you haunt a Shopify theme, use filters and pay close attention to the template design intentions. 

Choose lightweight mobile-friendly themes

Speaking from a customer’s point of view, even the smallest glitch, an unclear website, or a long loading time can turn me away from shopping at a store. A lightweight theme is crucial to online success. When searching for a theme, avoid the ones with a lot of busy elements like animations, fancy scrollers, and other unnecessary features that increase the size of the file. 

Pro tips for opening a successful online store

If you haven’t yet decided on what type of store to open, what strategies to use, and don’t have a plan, check out these tips for opening an online store. 

  • Find an unfilled crevice in the market

Even if you have a product or service that’s the best of the best, you’ll have it tough as a starting business. Whereas if you find a need in the market and be the first to fill it, your store will grow tremendously.

  • Check your products 

Before investing in any product or service, it’s important to validate its demand. This will reduce the risk of failure and increase the chance of success, you’ll know what’s in high demand before investing time and money. One way of validation is to ask for feedback in the early stages of development and then as you develop more and more you have assessments to lean on. 

  • Use pre-made themes for a website

Pre-made professional Shopify templates from MasterBundles will save you effort, time, and money. These affordable templates come in various designs and tech levels, meaning you can find the perfect theme design for your online industry. 

Every store needs an online website and no matter how advanced or new you are to the business your website needs to be top-notch. That’s why we always recommend using templates from MasterBundles, you get the latest features, top elements, and a super trendy design all for a great price. 

Ready-made templates and professional Shopify store development services can help you significantly speed up the process of customizing and launching your store.

  • Determine your ideal customer

After you find an unfilled crevice in the industry, look into the people that have been searching for this product. Who are they? What do they do for a living? What do they like? When you find answers to these questions you can create merchandise, content, and marketing strategies to appeal to them.

  • Solidify your marketing plan

Behind every successful online business stands a marketing plan. A plan will help you maximize your processes, and track performance, goals, and costs. The key to having a plan is having it written from A to Z, you can’t start an online store with only part of the plan, and you won’t be able to finish it on the go. 

  • Create an About Us page

Customers are always curious about who they are buying from, they want to know who you are, what you stand for, how you started, and some facts about you. An About Us page gives a personal feel to the website, it brings out a new level of appreciation for the people who created specific products or services. 

  • Develop your email marketing

Emailing a target audience is one of the most efficient ways to acquire new customers. For your convenience, you can set up automated emails with different messages depending on the audience and how they have interacted with your online store. Program various messages for new subscribers, new customers, and visitors who abandoned their carts, and a message for your constant customers who keep coming back. 

  • Invest in search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) will bring you new opportunities to build predictable, compounding web traffic. Investing in your search strategy will get your online store out there, and potential customers will meet it more online eventually leading them to visit your store. Built on the latest technology and best practices, Shopify hydrogen theme is fully compliant with industry standards for SEO.

  • Offer top-notch customer support

The ideal solution is to offer customer support 24/7 through live chats, email, phone, or social media. When shopping customers often find that they need help with navigation, size picking, or ordering a product, an online store’s job is to respond quickly and efficiently. 

Top 5 Shopify themes to check out

Here are some of the best Shopify themes offered on MasterBundles to create a successful online store that will generate steady income. 

JazzBeat – Music Shopify Theme

If you’re a musician, it’s important that your fans are able to easily go to your store and get your merch. This theme provides everything needed to have your products beautifully displayed on the webpage so that they immediately capture customer attention.

Glossier – Multipurpose Sections Shopify Theme

This theme is multipurpose, so you can use it for a variety of products including clothes, makeup, beauty tools, skincare products, and more. You can customize this theme to add a special touch to your store and the way products are being shown on the pages.

Shopify Theme – The Luxe Edit

Looking for a theme that will suit your luxury products? This one is perfect for you! Elegant layouts together with simple details create a professional look that will show your customers the brand’s identity and values.

Giftvolly – Gift & Souvenir Shopify Theme

This is a great theme that features all of the needed pages for a cute functional Shopify store. It would perfectly suit you if you have a gift or souvenir shop. You can optimize this theme for search engines as well as customize it specifically to meet your requirements.

Mínim – Minimal Boho Shopify Theme

Minimalist theme that offers a powerful website template to create the store that fits your needs. You can customize this theme to match your branding and add more pages for delivery and returns information, store policies, etc.

Wrapping Up

Modern technologies have made launching an online store easier than ever. Thanks to web platforms even the untrained can build the website of their dreams. As you have found out how to choose the perfect theme for you, use the pro tips as a checklist to make sure you’ve covered all your bases to get out there and start selling.