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7 Inspiring Marketing Concepts

Are you planning to launch your promo videos? If yes, you have reached the right place, where you will learn tips and techniques to launch your promo videos and the latest strategies to promote them.

Promo video styles vary, and they are not a new marketing strategy. They have been widely accepted by the public for ages and are one of the primary means to grab the consumer’s attention. 

Customers online explore promos in the form of demos, reviews, and testimonials, to find the perfect brand. Here is what a promo video can do.

  • Directly impact your revenue and provide information to your audience about brands and offers.
  • Attract potential customers by giving them an insight into your product/service range
  • Convert prospects into customers, strengthen your brand, and empower consumers to make important decisions.
  • Motivate your audience to take important actions.

We’ll now take a closer look at tips for making promo videos and creating one that converts and sells.

Tips and Techniques to Make Promo Videos

There are certain video features you should know to ensure your promo video makes the best impression on your prospective customers.

Get The Right Video Length

There are no one-size-fits-all rules when it comes to promotional video length, but the ideal length to hold your audience’s attention is 15 seconds to 1 minute.

Generate A Storyline

A storyboard allows you to sketch your promotional video using frames, thumbnails, and scenes, along with annotations explaining the purpose of the following promotional video storyboard.

A storyline improves communique among all and allows you to enhance the productivity of the video by adding animation and pictures.

Answer Important Questions

The idea of making promo videos is not to convey so much at once but only focus on one of the product’s main benefits or critical problem/solution aspects.

Edit Your Promo Video

Use a top-class promo video maker that can manage your scenes and clips and make them as attractive as possible.

Editing your promo video may require you to trim your clips to hold the viewer’s attention. You must ensure that the stitched clips align with the voiceover and different sounds.

You can add graphics and transitions among scenes to enrich your videos with elements that grab your audience’s attention. Further, you can add titles and subtitles, your brand font and color overlays, and your brand logo.

You can also use promo video templates, visual and sound enhancements, B-roll (supplemental pictures), voiceovers, and tunes to make certain readability on your promotional video.

Promotional Video CTA

If your promotional video has an effective call to action, it acts like the final push for your viewers to act.

You can guide your audience on what they need to do next, like subscribe to your channel, contact you using your information, or visit your website for more information related to your products and brand.

7 Inspirational Marketing and Promo-Video-Making Concepts to Promote Your Big Idea

Take a look at these seven promo video-making ideas.

Launch Explainer Promo Videos

promo video


Explainer videos are one of the most sought-after promo video types. Make sure you create an interactive and engaging explainer promo video that covers tutorials, how-tos, FAQs, Q&A, or any other educational or informational content that can benefit the consumer.

Your unique business concept should have a clear and concise description of how your product is different from what your competitor offers and how it can help your audience.

Make your explainer promo videos to bridge the gap and show your audience why they should invest their time and money in your brand. Never assume that the customer already knows everything and there is no need to explain anything.

Use Product Demo Videos

Product launches or product demo videos are highly trending and in-demand promo videos. The advertising style is unique too, and such videos often leave the consumers hanging for more.

It is like watching an interesting teaser of your favorite movie, where you want to know what’s more to it. 

Similarly, product promo videos help you visualize how people would use the product and how it can solve the core purpose. This can ultimately lead to sales.

Use a professional online promo video maker and look for promo video templates that can help you create outstanding product demo videos.

Offer Resolutions

Product problems and solutions focus on existing customers (testimonials, reviews, product demonstration, unboxing videos, etc.)

Depending on your industry, product, and audience, you may be able to find other ways to showcase your product. Create a video that is specific to the problems in your niche as a way to promote your product. This will reach the right audience and help build a solid customer base.

Make Offers and Deals

One of the most enticing formats of promotional videos is to launch discounts, deals, offers, and price cuts on your products and services.

Customer love sales and discounts, and anything available for less, immediately attracts the consumer. Many don’t shop the entire year and wait for those special sale months when they can buy the same product for almost half price.

Through your promo videos, you can create urgency by showing that your product is limited, or there is a temporary promotional pricing on it, or more like the early bird benefit. Things like this create competition among consumers; everyone wants to win, buying something that can bring them the best deal.

The Transformation 

Analyze why your target audience will watch your promo video. Are they trying to resolve a problem, or are they trying to find answers to common issues related to your industry, business, brand, or products?

Do what your competitors are missing out on. Make a comparison of before and after and provide the perfect resolution to your consumers.

Customers buy products to solve everyday problems. This is why promotional videos can benefit from the transformation angle – they can convince them about how your business solves a certain issue that your consumers were facing earlier.

What Your Customers Say About You

Humans trust the instinct of other humans, and positive or negative feedback about a product can greatly influence the purchasing capacity of your target audience.

When people hear good things coming from an existing customer of your brand, it’s testimony to how satisfied your existing consumers are and the effort your business has made to keep your consumer happy.

Every consumer wants to achieve product satisfaction, and customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings are just that. You can create a video script and show how happy your users are after buying your products/services. You can ask them to share in their own words how your product impacted them.

Instill Visuals, Graphics, or Animations

Promo videos in the form of animations, graphics, 3D visuals, slideshows, or transitions, have been used for a long and are known to garner the right kind of attention.

These visual effects can be humorous, attractive, and even positive as they lighten the mood while promoting your product.

There was a time when creating such extravagant content was quite expensive for brands and businesses. But now, thanks to promo video templates, you get pre-framed animated promo video samples to which you can add your brand-related information easily.


Promo videos are sometimes more influential than your actual message videos. Also known as teasers, these videos create the suspense factor in your target audience and keep them wanting more.

A creatively formulated promo video binds the audience and encourages them to take relevant action.

The primary goal of pushing a promo video on multiple digital channels is to convince consumers to take relevant action. This could be to follow you on social media channels, subscribe to your official accounts, visit your website, visit your offline store, or simply contact you for purchases or information related to your product and services.

Even if you get a slight response, consider your promo videos a hit, as a few responses can generate lots more. A single comment, like, or share can motivate others to follow your promo videos and eventually get converted into sales.

So make a promo video for your business now!