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What is Shopify Lite Plan?

Shopify Lite plan– an intriguing yet popular concept, which has changed the paradigms of eCommerce. Do you know there are over four billion people using social media platforms? So, doesn’t it sound like the right time to tap into these social media platforms to create another revenue stream? As it turns out, Shopify Lite can help since it’s a reliable platform for small businesses to dive into the eCommerce industry and capture sales from social media users. 

There is an endless number of eCommerce platforms available, and Shopify Lite is worth your attention. It has everything to gain more sales, ranging from reasonable prices to quick store creation on websites and Facebook Business pages. This platform is designed for social selling, but there is so much more, and we are sharing more information in this article!

Shopify Lite Vs Basic Plan

This is an affordable Shopify option and is the most reasonably-priced option for an eCommerce platform. Currently, it is available for $9 a month, and it allows the sellers and Shopify marketing experts to integrate the shopping cart into the current blog/website, such as Wix and WordPress. The website audience will be there for content and make a purchase as well. As compared to other plans, Shopify Lite doesn’t provide a full store and a shopping cart (nope, you cannot create the brand shop). However, it’s suitable for integration with the social media page or website. To illustrate, if you already have a website and want to sell something, Shopify Lite is the right choice. 

How to Integrate With Social Media Sales?

Shopify Lite plan is a promising choice for integrating it with the Facebook Business page since it has the Facebook Shop integration, so you can sell products through the Facebook page. In addition, product advertisements will be convenient and increase the store’s leads. The best thing is that customers don’t need to leave Facebook to purchase something, reduce the steps, and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, it shows the product albums and integrates the shopping cart on the page. 

Most businesses, nowadays, are promoting their businesses using FB ads. It’s a far easier way to start a new business. As it does not require you to learn any technical skill. You can just create your business page and then start promoting your page via FB and Instagram ads. The perfect thing about this is that it generates sales in a few days. To make it easy for business owners and entrepreneurs, Shopify offers many features in its shop version. 

The shop will be available 24/7, and it will be optimized for smartphone users (it’s a great plus since the majority of people use Facebook on the smartphone). It can optimize and simplify product management since everything can be synced to the store automatically, and you won’t have to upload the product details again. However, you will need to manage the Shopify dashboard, so nothing adverse happens to the Facebook page. 

The products on the Facebook store will be synced with the Shopify account (yup, all changes will be updated automatically). In addition, even if you make changes to the collection order, the Facebook store will be updated. Similarly, if the product goes out of stock, the product will be removed from the shop, and you will get an alert. On top of everything, Facebook integration optimizes a functional and captivating checkout system. 

The Buying Experience 

To begin with, Shopify Lite promises a secure experience, and the customers won’t have to exit Facebook at all. It will reduce the complications, and the customer experience will be consistent and satisfactory. The customers can save the payment details, so they can make a purchase again without adding information from scratch (payment information will be automated). In simpler words, it will ease the sales process leading to more sales. 

It has a well-designed module that helps eliminate unnecessary steps for making a purchase, eventually increasing the revenue and securing the checkout process. It allows the shoppers to save the information for future uses. To summarize, it helps create a result-oriented and effective Facebook store, so you can stay ahead of the competition. 

how to backup shopify store

Communication & Connection 

With the Shopify Lite plan, the users can get the live chat module which is integrated with Facebook Messenger to answer the customer’s queries. This live chat module can be connected and synced with the Facebook store. As a result, the customers will have support services available and feel cared for. In addition, customers won’t have to download a third-party app only to talk to you. Moreover, automated answers can be set for common questions, so customers receive an instant response. 

On top of everything, the messenger app can be accessed from anywhere, so you can run the business from anywhere. There are call-to-action buttons for reading the product descriptions, purchasing the products, and checking out the products. Once the conversation is complete, the customers will be able to purchase products from the messenger (how easy could it get?). Also, it can automatically send out the tracking number, shipping updates, while a view order feature will help customers predict when they receive the orders. 

Shopify Buttons 

shopify lite

In addition to selling, the Shopify Buy button is a promising Shopify Lite feature. With this button, the users can add the eCommerce store to their current website and blog. Embedding the button is quite straightforward, and you can upload the product information, leading to more sales. The store owners can customize the button’s use according to the store theme. There are shopping carts available for creating safe checkout, while the dashboard can be used to keep track of sales and inventory. In the section below, we are sharing some ways you can use the Shopify button, such as;

  • You can use the sidebar to add the button on the blog. It’s a suitable choice when you launch to launch or introduce or launch a new button 
  • The buy button can be added to the landing page for delivering higher functionality. It’s suitable for selling digital products, including graphic designs, eBooks, and photography 
  • It can be added to the content as it’s suitable for capturing attention and driving traffic to the page 

Offline & Online Selling – In-Person Selling 

If you want to sell the products in person at pop-up stores, trade shows, and markets, Shopify Lite will prove to be an amazing choice. This is because it has POS features, so you can accept various payment options, including credit cards. In addition, the POS feature allows the store owners to customize the taxes, offer to ship, accept gift cards, add discounts, and manage the refunds. Not to forget, a 4/7 customer team will be available to provide help fixing the errors. In addition, it helps synchronize the inventory across various sales channels and manage the products from an app. 

Quick Payments & Invoice Development 

Shopify Lite has become a promising choice for different industries, but businesses from a custom order, phone, and wholesale industry work the best. It creates an encrypted store for secure payments and automatic invoice creation. For instance, it creates the invoice, sends it to the customers, and customers can pay through the shopping cart. Moreover, there are additional tools available for offline and online selling. Honestly, it might appear as a basic platform, but it does a great job for SMEs. 

Discount Codes

With Shopify Lite plan, the store owners can create discount codes and automate them. For instance, the stores can set the various as well as a fixed amount, or set free shipping if the customer purchases above a specific amount. In simpler words, the store owners can add the minimum spend to make someone eligible for discounts or free shopping. It will help increase the customer’s interest, and they might even end up purchasing more to bag some discounts. 

Transaction Fees 

The monthly subscription is set at $9, but it’s until you make the first sale. This is because when you make the first sale, there will be a transaction fee. Every transaction will cost around $0.30 and 2.9%, so if you are selling something for $60, you will be paying $1.5 for credit card processing for one transaction. 

Comparing Shopify Lite & Shopify Basic 

The basic plan costs $29 for a month, while Shopify only costs $9. However, the basic plan allows the users to make the stand-alone store while the lite plan doesn’t allow the separate store creation. Honestly, there are more features available in Shopify Basic, but it comes at a higher cost. In addition, you can upgrade the hosting, customize the theme, change SSL, fulfill orders, manage inventory, and manage everything. 

While Shopify Lite only works with Facebook, the basic plan allows the store owners to manage the Instagram store as well. To summarize, Shopify Basic is suitable for providing a full-fledged online store, but Shopify Lite is only suitable for adding some convenience to the current eCommerce store or blog. 

Who Should Use Shopify Lite?

Now that we have talked about the features of the Shopify Lite plan, let’s see who can yield the most benefits from this plan, including;

  • If you already have the blog or website and want to start selling the products 
  • If you want to sell some products temporarily to bring in extra cash. This is because you can integrate the shop feature on the social media page without making a new website 
  • It’s a promising choice for cottage-industry businesses and SMEs 


  • Live and quick customer support through messenger 
  • Automatic product and inventory sync across different sales channels 
  • Allows product embedding 
  • Helps integrate shopping cart functionalities to existing blog or website 


  • Only integrates with Facebook 
  • It cannot be used to create a separate store 

Shopify Lite & Oberlo

Shopify Lite works with Oberlo, a well-known dropshipping app. Dropshipping is a free and convenient business model. When you integrate Shopify Lite with Oberlo, the order fulfillment will be automated while taking care of packaging and shipping. The store owners can import the products from Oberlo and AliExpress (you know what’s best? You will only pay for something when you make a sale). On the other hand, if the products don’t sell, you can remove them from the store and add a new one. The best thing about this integration is that Oberlo is completely free and can support 50 automatically fulfilled orders and products a month for free. 

Is The Shopify Lite Plan Right for You?

There are a couple of factors you could choose the Shopify Lite:

-The first is if you run a website and also intend to begin selling some products on there– without making an entirely new web site.
-The second is for those that intend to sell items through Facebook with the help of a live conversation component.
-The third is for those who wish to market offline.
-The 4th is for sending invoices.
Generally, the Shopify Lite strategy makes good sense in specific scenarios. If you have any kind of inquiries regarding this Shopify Lite review, you can contact Atamgo the Shopify agency.

Wrapping It Up 

To summarize, Shopify Lite has all the features needed to sell on Facebook or through your blog. It allows in-person, offline, and online sales through a well-defined POS system. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you can sell products from wherever you want and make quick sales. That being said, Shopify Lite plan is a great opportunity if you are looking for something basic. So, just take an hour, weigh your pros and cons, and you can make the right choice!


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