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Twitter Marketing Trends

Over the years Twitter has been a huge influence over societal trends. This year alone, the platform made $5 Billion, and its user accounts are expected to grow upwards of 329 million. From finance, marketing, pop music, careers, to just about anything really, the platform has influenced a lot in society, especially this year. Twitter has made some big steps in the way of how we see and spend money. Topics like cryptocurrency, the pandemic, and how influencers make their money have been major talking points.

Twitter has been able to spread awareness and change related to climate change, fossil fuels, and how corporations spend the money consumers make them. Allowing people to have a platform that can directly influence the world around us. The pandemic really made a difference in how people saw society, once they were given a moment to slow down and notice.  The pressure that millions of people can put on a company, just from social media, can really make a difference and people have started to see that.

During the pandemic influencers also made a huge impact. People not going to work made people find other ways of income. Twitter made it possible to directly support the influencers you follow every day with their new tip option.  Brands also took advantage of the fact that most everyone was at home sitting on their phones, and would give brand deals to influencers. Ad revenue exceeded $1.41 billion, a 22% increase from the year before. So advertising strategies also had to change to keep up with the new normal we were all facing. Social media is one of the most important aspects of advertising if you have a business. Instead of TV commercials with paid actors, we now have our favorite influencer on our social media feed. As a result, 77% of users feel more positive supporting brands that are community based. Seeing a real person that you like and trust advertising a product makes users feel better about what they’re purchasing, and supporting.

Crypto also proved it was not going anywhere anytime soon. Twitter helped make that possible. Allowing open discussions and providing education on this new type of currency helped boost it to new heights. As someone who doesn’t have that much knowledge about crypto, Twitter makes in easy an accessible to learn. You must protect your Twitter accounts. Alternatively, you should also learn the guide for hacking Twitter accounts so that no one can harm yourself. 

After all that has happened with Twitter so far this year, we can only expect the platform to continue to help us move forward as a society.