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Video Content

Developing and launching a video content strategy allows your brand to increase its online reach. More importantly, it can help turn your target audience into customers of your Shopify store.

However, this success depends on how optimized your videos are for conversions.

In this post, we’ll discuss the different ways to create video content that converts.

Shoot Your Videos in HD

According to studies, 68.2% of the top 10 YouTube videos are in HD. 

Google has a clear bias toward quality, and with good reason. Better video resolution means that you, as a video content creator, take your craft seriously. And by featuring people who care about what they do, Google gets to provide users with valuable content. In meantime you can attract more clients using the UGC creator. 

Ensure you have the proper equipment when creating your videos. If you’re going to shoot your own videos, ensure that the lighting and sound are optimal so viewers can clearly see and hear you.

The effort and care you put into your videos will help you rise through the ranks in organic search. This results in more viewers and greater chances of conversions.

Write a Killer Headline

The first thing people see about your video on Google or YouTube search results is the headline. The headline should tell viewers what the video is about and why they should watch it. These headlines provide all the information people need when deciding whether to click on your video.

Aside from supplying information to people, your headline must engage with them personally and grab their attention. It should resonate with their wants, needs, desires, and pain points to compel them to click on your video.

Knowing your brand’s buyer persona is a step in this direction.

Here are other things you can do to hike up the click-through rates of your video:

  • Use figures and numbers to support your claims, ex. “This tool helped increase my subscribers to 748,321 in 60 days!”
  • Be provocative, but not merely for the sake of it. ex. “Saying goodbye…” connotes that you’re leaving something. Make sure that you are accurately representing that in the video and explain it clearly.
  • Show your personality in your headlines, ex. “3 things I did that helped me start #winning in life.”

Design a Click-worthy Thumbnail

The video thumbnail is another thing people see first about your video when it appears on organic search results. Similar to its headline, you want to make the thumbnail compelling to your audience to encourage more clicks.

Most thumbnails nowadays show a photo of the video creator and her expression concerning the video. For instance, if the video shares something positive, the creator wears a happy face.

The fact that most thumbnails have this format means that it works. Also, putting your face in your video thumbnail allows people to attach a person to your brand, thus humanizing it in the process.

You can also reuse your reactions to the videos you’ll create in the future. Save them using a video asset management system. This way, you or your team can pull them out anytime and create thumbnails faster and more efficiently.

Feature Calls to Action

It’s one thing to have calls to action (CTAs) featured in your video. It’s another to know where to put them and how to bring attention to them.

Normally, you place links to your landing or sales page in your video description since that’s the only place you can feature them, but not all viewers will check out the description. 

In this case, you need to mention in the video that there’s a link to the description they must check out.

You can mention this multiple times in the video, ideally at the beginning and end. You can also mention the calls to action in the middle, but test this method out first and see if it yields positive results.

Your calls to action must be relevant to the video. For instance, if the video is a product review, its CTA should be a link to that specific product in your Shopify store to boost sales

Having a clear and focused video and CTA will increase your conversion rates.


An optimized video creation process following the tips above is key to a successful video marketing strategy and, ultimately, online business.

By generating more website visitors from your videos, you increase the chances of people becoming brand ambassadors, if not lifelong customers!