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how to change shopify store name


In this article, I will show you how to change Shopify store name in just a few simple steps. 

The very initial step to creating a Shopify account is choosing your Shopify store name. Immediately, Shopify creates your shop URL in the layout Nevertheless, you might feel disappointed with the given one and intend to relabel the Shopify store name. This write-up will reveal you a step-by-step overview of exactly how to change Shopify store name.

  1. Log into the Shopify administration account
  2. Look for to “Setting”
  3. Just select “General”
  4. Write your new name in the “Store detail” section
  5. Click “Save”

When should you change Shopify store name?

Besides utilizing the finest Shopify motif to create an appealing storefront, your shop name is an additional core element that contributes to the Shopify store growth.

A good name makes your store a special brand name among all the rivals. It likewise supplies a meaningful message of your brand name and acts as a bridge between you and also your customer.

So, how can you excite a purchaser just by the name? How can consumers remember your store name and intend ahead back following time?

If the name has a solid emotional or sense-related connection with an individual, the storage space course to their name will certainly be more powerful. If it had not been an emotional experience our brains slot it into our temporary memory and we tend to eliminate things that we do not come back to.

As a result, the secret to an excellent Shopify company name is to develop a strong emotional web link in between you as well as your client. Apparently, it is not an easy job. Below are 3 scenarios that you should search for how to transform Shopify shop name and consider selecting a new shop title. You can likewise use a business name generator.

1. Your name is vague, baffled, as well as difficult to articulate

One of the most usual troubles you can face is that your consumers just can not fully understand or spell the name properly. Therefore, it can bring an adverse effect on your brand acknowledgment.

As a result of the cultural and also language differences, your name could have weird punctuation as well as it’s likely to be difficult to pronounce for native clients of that language. This usually occurs when you remain in the worldwide market, specifically for an on the internet shop.

overwhelmed Shopify service name
Avoid using baffled Shopify organization name
Besides, your logo layout need to be very noticeable and simple to review. This generally works best when you make use of block letters as well as a horizontal style, adapted to site headers.

2. You’re adhering to a short-term trend

A pattern can affect your business. In fact, capturing the fad by your shop name can bring a big advantage to your business.

Nonetheless, temporary trends often create associations with certain groups or stereotypes which are swiftly changing. Eventually, you could find the pattern no longer overlaps your target client, you should rename Shopify shop.

3. Your Shopify shop name is similar to rivals

Another sign that you need to rename Shopify store is the resemblance in between your organization name and others’. Using a name that somebody currently owns or just similar to their principle can make your consumers confused. Furthermore, you could have problems when signing up for a business permit with an already-owned domain. As a result, you must ensure that your name is special as well as sets you aside from the pack.

Besides, utilizing a comparable Shopify name can have bad influence on your search engine optimization score on internet search engine. To avoid this scenario, you can utilize additional Shopify search engine optimization app to enhance your ranking outcome.

Why Shopify Store Name is Important?

The When you subscribe to Shopify you’re asked to choose a shop name when creating your account. The shop name you select is made use of to dynamically produce your Shopify sub-domain in the layout This sub-domain is meant to be utilized for interior purposes like logging into your Shopify account and also establishing and handling your online store.

You may maintain this sub-domain as the general public facing URL for your on-line store however we do not suggest it. We suggest you to use your very own custom domain to build trustworthiness and also depend on, one that reflects your brand and also is unforgettable.

However, if you make a decision to ignore our recommendations and maintain your myshopify sub-domain as your customer facing URL, you can transform your shop name yet you won’t be allowed to transform your myshopify sub-domain. Instead, you’ll need to create a brand-new Shopify store.

If you use or are planning to utilize your very own customized domain you can alter your Shopify shop name for aesthetic reasons however it will not impact either your customized domain or myshopify sub-domain.

How to change Shopify Store Name

You have 2 fast as well as easy choices for changing your store name:

-Using the Shopify admin web site

-Using the Shopify mobile admin app


1. How to change Shopify store name via the Shopify admin website

Shopify instantly creates your shop link as one of its subdomains:
As you can see, this URL includes two components: the personalized part “your store name” and also the original part “.”. Regrettably, you can not transform the initial Shopify username when still maintaining this sub-domain as the public-facing URL for your online shop.

If you require to get rid of the “.” as well as your URL entirely matches your actual shop name, you can pick between two choices:

Transfer your Shopify domain and establish it as your main domain. In this manner, the public-facing URL for your client will certainly be
Note: You will be the just one that sees your link with the “.” part

Produce a new account and register for a custom-made domain with your brand-new name. And also do not forget to execute a Shopify migration to the brand-new store to protect what you have actually done so far.
On the other hand, if you do not mind the “.” part as well as just require to alter your shop name, below’s the step-by-step guide.

1. Log into Your  Shopify admin dashboard on your desktop computer

2. on the bottom of the left navigation menu click Settings


how to change shopify store name

3. Click General

how to change shopify store name

4. Your current store name will be displayed in the Shop name field. Erase your current shop name and enter your brand-new store name.

how to change shopify store name

5. To save your changes, click the Save button on the leading right .
You’re done now. Your Shopify shop name has actually been altered effectively.

5. Just press the SAVE button at the top in order to save your changes.

2. Change Shopify Store Name Using The Shopify Mobile App

1. Just open the Shopify App admin on your mobile device and press the Store icon which is in the bottom right corner and press Setting:

shopify admin

3. In the settings section click on General

shopify store


4. In the Shop details area you’ll see your existing store name in the Shop name area. Remove your current shop name and also enter your new store name.


Final words 

Transforming your Shopify store name could be a key factor that contributes to the growth of your online organization. Ideally, this post can aid you effectively on how to change Shopify store name.

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